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As seen on TV! Why reducing children’s exposure to junk food marketing is a good idea

Being overweight or obese is the biggest cause of cancer after smoking.

And with worryingly high levels of obesity in children, there’s a chance that weight could...

Could making cigarettes less addictive help people stop smoking?

One way to stop someone wanting something is to make it less appealing.

And that’s been the inspiration behind many of the current strategies and research to help...

Expert Opinion – Dr Mark Hellowell & Dr Katherine Smith on ‘earmarked’ funding for tobacco control

Tobacco is the single biggest avoidable cause of cancer in the world. Smoking causes over a quarter of cancer deaths in the UK. So we want the Government to bring in a...

E-cigarettes – answering the burning questions

An estimated 2.6 million people now use e-cigarettes in the UK. And this rapid rise in popularity – along with the huge range of products on sale – has meant that research...

Discovering new ways to prevent cancer

More than four in 10 cases of cancer are preventable. And things like smoking, diet and the amount of exercise we take can all affect our risk.

These are often...

Taskforce report: achieving world-class cancer outcomes

Alongside my role as Cancer Research UK’s chief executive, I am honoured to have spent the last 6 months chairing the Independent Cancer Taskforce, and we have today...

‘Smoking Still Kills’ – that’s why we’re committed to a strategy to tackle tobacco

Yesterday, our chief executive, Harpal Kumar, spoke at the Parliamentary launch of Action on Smoking and Health’s (ASH) new report, Smoking Still Kills.

The report...

Majority of public unaware of alcohol's link with cancer

More than half of the British public are unaware of the link between alcohol consumption and cancer.

Children getting burnt on unsupervised sunbeds

Half of all under-18s who use sunbeds have been burned at least once, according to new research.

Concern over tobacco packaging as kids say packs have more influence than celebrities

New Cancer Research UK figures show packaging influences kids more than celebs, boosting the argument for standardised tobacco packs.