Listen to our monthly audio round-up of the latest news and features, plus our regular ‘Heroes and Zeros’.

Prostate cancer drug approved, curry chemical on trial

We discuss a curry chemical starting clinical trials and ahow study reveals poor cancer survival in men with mental illness.

Bladder cancer progress, studying cancer spread and protecting children from tobacco

This month we discuss new trial results in bladder cancer, fresh findings on how cancers spread, and our campaign to help stop children smoking.

Landmark breast cancer study and the link between aspirin and cancer

We talk about a study that could revolutionise breast cancer treatment, growing evidence on aspirin and cancer, and the latest cancer trends. 

Cancer genes, breast cancer tests and children smoking

We discuss a new study shedding light on cancer genes, genetic tests for breast cancer patients and worrying numbers of kids taking up smoking.

Spotting cancer early, new ovarian cancer gene and a childhood cancer trial

This month - dye spots early signs of oesophageal cancer, prostate cancer drug rejected by NICE, faulty gene linked to better ovarian cancer survival, new drug trial to...