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Physical Activity

Obesity and cancer – report highlights three things the Government could do

Obesity – and the nation’s expanding waistlines – are never far from the headlines.

And when it comes to cancer, weight is important: carrying excess weight is an...

Lifestyle behind more than half a million cancers in five years

Nearly 600,000 cancers in the UK could have been avoided in the last five years if people had healthier lifestyles according to Cancer Research UK.

Study suggests exercise benefit for localised prostate cancer

Moderate physical activity appears to reduce death rates among men diagnosed with prostate cancer that hasn’t spread

10 tips to keep the children healthy this summer holiday

Summer is officially here and so too are summer holidays.

But keeping children healthy as well as entertained can be a daunting task. It’s often tempting to order...

Four in 10 pancreatic cancers could be prevented by lifestyle changes

Almost 40 per cent of pancreatic cancers – one of the deadliest forms of cancer – could be avoided by maintaining a healthy weight and not smoking.

Brits keep fit to look good, not reduce cancer risk

UK men and women say reducing their risk of cancer is last on a list of reasons to exercise, according to a national survey by Cancer Research UK and Cannons.

Environment can override children's natural urge to exercise

Children may inherit the urge to exercise, but their environment often stops them from doing so, say Cancer Research UK researchers.

Cancer Research UK launches the world's first urban running lane ahead of its Run 10k series

Dawdling pedestrians test the patience of over a quarter of outdoor runners (27 per cent) according to a poll of 1,000 runners by Cancer Research UK, to launch its Run10k...

NHS guidance on creating exercise-friendly environments

The NHS has published new recommendations about how local authorities, planners, transport authorities and architects can help to create environments that encourage...

Exercise cuts risk of potentially cancerous bowel polyps by a third

People with an active lifestyle are up to three times less likely to develop large or advanced polyps in the bowel - which can develop into bowel cancer - according to a...