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Personalised Medicine

Pancreatic cancer found to be four separate diseases

Scientists have discovered pancreatic cancer can be divided into four separate types, paving the way for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

New test could help select the best treatment for bowel cancer patients

A new test could help patients with advanced bowel cancer get the best treatment for their disease.

World Cancer Day 2016: six ways our research helps patients across the globe

To mark World Cancer Day, we take a look at how our discoveries over the decades are helping cancer patients all over the world right now.

Grand Challenge seven: kill cancer cells using new ‘smart drugs’

We explore our seventh Grand Challenge, attempting to pull off the ultimate cell heist and use new 'smart drugs' to selectively kill cancer cells.

UK Government’s DNA-mapping project recruits first cancer patients

The UK’s pioneering 100,000 Genomes Project has recruited its first patients with cancer.

Engineering a cancer-fighting immune super soldier

We explore the promise and challenges of research looking to engineer patients' immune cells to fight cancer.

Decoding cancer’s secret diary

Cancer Research UK’s Dr Trevor Graham and Dr Andrea Sottoriva discuss their work on the mathematics of how tumours grow and its implications for treatment.

The biggest cancer science stories of 2015

We've enlisted the help of one of our researchers to pick out the biggest cancer research stories of 2015.

Expert Opinion – Professor Richard Gilbertson talks children’s cancers

We caught up with Professor Richard Gilbertson to find out the challenges facing research into children’s cancers, and where the field is heading.

Blood test could match cancer patients to best treatments

Cancer Research UK-funded scientists have developed a blood test that could help pair cancer patients with the most suitable therapy for their disease.