Pancreatic cancer news

Immunotherapy and chemo combination shows early promise for pancreatic cancer

An experimental drug that stimulates the immune system, used in combination with chemotherapy, shrank tumours in patients with pancreatic cancer.

Pancreatic cancer found to be four separate diseases

Scientists have discovered pancreatic cancer can be divided into four separate types, paving the way for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The biggest cancer science stories of 2015

We've enlisted the help of one of our researchers to pick out the biggest cancer research stories of 2015.

Cancer Research UK, The Lustgarten foundation and Stand Up To Cancer join forces in £8 million pancreatic cancer venture

Cancer Research UK, The Lustgarten Foundation, and Stand Up To Cancer have come together in an international collaboration worth £8 million.

Where cancers spread to depends on cellular ‘soil prep’

As challenges go, understanding how cancers spread around the body is a biggy.

We know the locations tumour cells end up in isn’t random – breast cancer cells tend...