Pancreatic cancer news

Balls of cells with their own ‘passport’ to help speed up cancer drug testing

We investigate organoids, the latest way that scientists are growing cancer cells in the lab to help test hundreds of cancer drugs.

Bubbly drinks inspire more effective cancer treatment

Cancer Research UK scientists are developing a bubbly drink packed with oxygen microbubbles to make treatments more potent for hard to treat tumours.

Cancer Research UK trial shows improved 5 year survival for pancreatic cancer patients

An extra 13 percent of pancreatic cancer patients will live for at least five years when given a combination of chemotherapy drugs.

Scientists tear down pancreatic cancer's defences

Glasgow researchers have shown an experimental drug that blocks CXCR2 can improve survival in mice when given with immunotherapy drugs.

Let the right ones in – boosting immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer

Research published today in Cancer Cell might open up a way through pancreatic tumours’ defences.