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Oral Contraceptives

The Pill and cancer risk, sensitising tumours, and physicists fight cancer

How the Pill affects cancer risk, making tumours more sensitive to treatment, and fighting cancer with physics.

The contraceptive Pill and cancer – a look behind today’s headlines

Women taking the Pill may have been alarmed by headlines today linking the oral contraceptive with breast cancer. But for women thinking of chucking their packet in the...

Oral contraceptive pill may be associated with breast cancer risk says study

A US review of past research has confirmed that the oral contraceptive pill is associated with a slight increased risk of breast cancer among some women.

Contraceptive pill does not increase risk of early death

Women who are taking or have taken the contraceptive pill in their lifetimes are not at an increased risk of death, Scottish researchers say.

Use of the pill linked to cervical cancer

Women who take the contraceptive pill may increase their risk of cervical cancer, according to a major new study published in the Lancet1.

The pill gives long-lasting protection against ovarian cancer

The contraceptive Pill gives women substantial and long-lasting protection against ovarian cancer, according to a new report by Cancer Research UK scientists in The Lancet...

Cervical cancer risk reduces after stopping the pill

Women taking the combined oral contraceptive pill are at an increased risk of cervical cancer but this risk starts falling soon after the pill is stopped - according to...

Pill and pregnancy have biggest effects on ovarian cancer risk

Taking the Pill for 10 years can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by almost half (45 per cent), new research part-funded by Cancer Research UK shows today.

Cancer Research UK welcomes new contraceptive pill

Cancer Research UK has welcomed the announcement of a new contraceptive pill which may cut the risk of breast cancer, but has played down its significance.