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Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

Revolutionary clinical trial aims to advance lung cancer treatment thanks to Cancer Research UK and Pharma partnership

Cancer Research UK is partnering with pharmaceutical companies to create a pioneering clinical trial for patients with advanced lung cancer 

Experimental breast cancer drug to be trialled in lung cancer patients

A clinical trial using an experimental drug originally designed to treat breast cancer launches for patients with advanced lung cancer 

Diabetes drug makes lung cancer vulnerable to radiotherapy

The diabetes drug metformin slows the growth of lung cancer cells and makes them more likely to be killed by radiotherapy.

Genetic screen finds new treatment targets for lung cancer

Cancer Research UK scientists are the first to use an efficient new screening strategy to identify gene faults in tumour cells that are possible drug targets for the most...

Counting lung cancer cells opens window on disease

CANCER RESEARCH UK scientists have found that counting the number of lung cancer cells circulating in the blood could determine how aggressive the cancer is and predict...

New research to revolutionise understanding of lung cancer

In a world first, a new Cancer Research UK study will unlock lung cancer's secrets, tracking in real time how lung tumours develop and evolve as patients receive treatment...

Early results show erlotinib extends life for women with advanced lung cancer

Three times as many women with advanced lung cancer were alive and had no progression of their cancer 12 months after taking the drug erlotinib (also known as Tarceva)...

Existing drugs could treat smokers' lung cancer

A common cancer drug and a drug used for a rare condition affecting the heart could together treat an aggressive form of lung cancer called non-small cell lung cancer (...

Trials of AS1404 for lung cancer show encouraging results

Final data from a phase II trial of a new non-small cell lung cancer drug known as AS1404 have shown a substantial survival benefit, according to Antisoma, the company...

Skin rash predicts survival benefit from latest lung cancer drug

Elderly patients with advanced non small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) who developed a rash within 28 days of receiving the targeted drug erlotinib (Tarceva) survived on...