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Science Surgery: ‘Will cancer ever be eradicated completely?’

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series Science SurgeryOur Science Surgery series answers your cancer science questions. If you have a question that you’

Science blog
News digest – HPV jab for boys, low sugar chocolate, diabetes and complementary therapies might affect survival

An expert committee has recommended that the HPV vaccine should be given to boys as well as girls.

Science blog
Mixing complementary therapy with standard cancer treatment could affect survival

A new study explores the impact that mixing complementary therapy with conventional cancer treatment can have on survival.

Science blog
NHS scan delays must be addressed, says health regulator

The time taken for radiology scans to be analysed and the results reported back to doctors varies widely across England, according to a new report.

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Boys should be given HPV jab, says vaccine committee. Here’s what happens next.

The Joint Committee for Vaccination and Immunisation has recommended that boys are offered the HPV vaccine. We look at what this could mean and next steps

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Prescriptions for stop smoking aids have plummeted, says report

The number of GP prescriptions for stop smoking aids in England has fallen by 75% in the last decade, according to new figures.

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Older people and cancer: how research could personalise treatment plans and care

We look at how research could help to adapt and improve treatment for older patients, including inclusive clinical trials and pre-habilitation.

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News digest – immunotherapy for childhood cancer, glowing brain surgery, a new health secretary and CRISPR

A dye used in brain tumour surgery will be rolled out more widely and an immunotherapy drug for neuroblastoma has been made available on NHS.

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Life-extending immunotherapy approved on NHS for children with neuroblastoma

Children in England with high-risk neuroblastoma will now be offered a cancer drug that could extend their life.

News report
Brain tumour surgery dye now available to more NHS patients

A chemical dye that lights up brain tumours during surgery should be available to more NHS patients in England, according to NICE.

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