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The Prime Minister committed to diagnosing cancers earlier – so how many staff does the NHS need to get there?

Our new report estimates the number of cancer staff the NHS will need in the future so that people with cancer receive the best possible care.

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Cancer Research UK's new chief executive takes up post

Michelle Mitchell OBE, Cancer Research UK’s new CEO, begins her leadership of the charity today, 12 November 2018.

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News digest – pink brain tumour drink, red meat tax, AI funding boost and misleading headlines on sleep

In the news this week: sleeping patterns and breast cancer risk, developments in a brain tumour liquid biopsy and a proposed red meat tax.

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Doctor and dad duo design new 'cancer maps' to aid diagnosis

A GP and his dad have invented a new online mind-mapping tool for doctors that aims to help GPs speed up cancer diagnosis

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Fishing for tumour DNA in the liquid bathing the brain

Our scientists have shown it’s possible to detect brain tumour DNA in the liquid surrounding the brain using a cheap technique.

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Study shows potential to develop brain tumour liquid biopsies

Scientists are making strides in developing liquid biopsies for brain tumours by detecting tumour DNA in the fluid from around the brain and spine.

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News digest – forceful cancer cells, cervical screening, medicinal cannabis and misleading mobile phone headlines

In the news this week: using Turing’s codebreaking to develop personalised cancer treatments and misleading headlines linking mobile phones to cancer.

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Computer simulation suggests testing for HPV first could mean cervical screening can be stopped earlier

Cervical screening could be stopped at the age of 55 for some women if the HPV test is used first, according to a new computer simulation study.

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Mobile phones and cancer: misleading headlines fail to mention rats

US researchers have released a report linking high doses of the radiation given off by mobile phones to increased risk of heart tumours in male rats.

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Science Snaps: digging for clues on how bowel cancer starts

We find out how stem cells could provide clues to how bowel cancer develops.

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