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Government lays out smokefree law choices

The Department of Health has laid out the three alternative options for MPs when they come to vote on the landmark smokefree legislation later this month.

Scientists hope for liver cancer blood test development

Cancer Research UK scientists have married technology and biology to provide a potential test to detect early stage liver cancer.

Athritis drug may reduce breast cancer risks, claims study

An initial study of drugs routinely prescribed for arthritis has suggested that they may reduce the risks of developing breast cancer.

California rules tobacco fumes as toxic as diesel exhaust

California, the state that pioneered workplace smokefree legislation, has ruled that tobacco smoke should be classified as a "toxic air pollutant".

Cigarette firms knowingly misled public on air filters, claims BMJ

Tobacco companies encouraged the hospitality industry to buy air filters as an alternative to smokefree legislation despite knowing them to be ineffective, the British...