Cancer Research UK voted top charity brand by British public

In collaboration with Adfero

A public vote has placed Cancer Research UK in top position in the UK's charity sector, raising the charity from second place last year.

The Harris Charity Brand Index is a league table based on an independent poll that asks 3,000 people each year what they know, think and feel about charities.

Cancer Research UK has emerged as the number-one charity brand with BBC Children in Need in second place.

Ian Barrow, director of charities and public sector at market research firm Harris Interactive, told Third Sector magazine: "[Cancer Research UK] rose to the top of the rankings with the support of its TV advertising, built around case studies and giving the positive message 'together we will beat cancer'.

"The style of these adverts fed the need for rational messaging to explain the need for giving, while tapping into the emotional drivers, creating resonance with the viewer and allowing the advertising and the cause to be seen as relevant."

Carolan Davidge, Cancer Research UK's director of brand and PR, said: "We've worked hard over the last couple of years to really understand what the public think and feel about us."

In addition to being number one brand, several people associated with the charity were today recognised in the Times' top 100 people in UK science, including CEO Harpal Kumar, and Nobel Prize winners Sir Paul Nurse and Sir Tim Hunt.