Government to air 'scary' anti-smoking ad for Halloween

In collaboration with the Press Association

The Department of Health has produced a new advert that takes on a Halloween theme to show parents how their smoking may frighten their children.

The advert, which will be aired on Friday evening, features the voice of a young girl who says: "I'm not scared of the dark. I'm not scared of spiders...I'm scared of my mum smoking. I'm scared that my mum will die."

Jen Anderson, NHS Stop Smoking adviser for Newcastle and North Tyneside, said: "I speak to lots of parents who know that their smoking has a negative impact on their children, not just through second-hand smoke, but because their kids are scared for their mum or dad's health.

"Local NHS Stop Smoking Services are here to help anyone who wants to stop smoking, making it up to four times more likely you'll stop smoking successfully."

The advert points out that 2,000 people in the UK die every week as a result of smoking and provides the number to contact for advice on quitting - 0800 169 0169.

Graham Taylor, 40, and his 37-year-old partner Julie gave up smoking earlier this year to provide their diabetic son Ellis with a healthier environment.

Mr Taylor said: "I know that smoking can affect kids negatively - it can prompt them to start smoking far too early. Since going smoke-free I've never looked back.

"Going smoke-free is good for us all but it really benefits Ellis as it means he has a healthier lifestyle in a smoke-free environment."

The advert is the latest in a series of hard-hitting anti-smoking messages from the Department of Health and experts hope that it will maintain the downward trend of smoking rates.