Cancer Research UK's Dr John Diffley elected as AAAS Fellow

In collaboration with the Press Association

Cancer Research UK scientist Dr John Diffley has been awarded the distinction of Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

AAAS members are elected as Fellows by their peers in honour of their efforts to advance science or its applications.

Dr Diffley was elected for the discovery and characterisation of mechanisms that are important for the regulation of DNA replication during the cell cycle and in response to DNA damage.

He joined the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, which later became Cancer Research UK, in 1990.

Dr Richard Treisman, director of Cancer Research UK's London Research Institute, said: "We're delighted that Dr John Diffley has been awarded the distinction of AAAS Fellow.

"As director of the London Research Institute's Clare Hall Laboratories, John has made an enormous contribution to science.

"He is a world leader in the field of DNA replication - helping us understand more about how cells multiply and giving us vital clues as to how cancer develops in humans."

Dr Diffley is one of 471 members to be made an AAAS fellow this year and will have the opportunity to accept an official certificate at the 2008 Fellows Forum in February.