Dairy and fruit may help smokers quit

In collaboration with the Press Association

Increasing intake of milk as well as fruit could help to encourage smokers to give up, a new study suggests.

Research carried out by scientists at Duke University Medical Center in the US indicates that consumption of milk, water and some fruit and vegetables could actually make cigarettes taste less pleasant. The findings could help more people to quit smoking and reduce associated medical problems.

Lead study investigator Joseph McClernon explained that some food and drink can also enhance the experience of smoking.

"With a few modifications to their diet -- consuming items that make cigarettes taste bad, such as a cold glass of milk and avoiding items that make cigarettes taste good, like a pint of beer -- smokers can make quitting a bit easier," said Mr McClernon.

The research examined 209 smokers' reactions to different food stuffs and its impact on smoking. A total of 19 per cent of the participants felt that dairy products, such as milk or cheese, worsened the taste of cigarettes, while 44 per cent felt that alcoholic drinks helped improve the taste of smoking.

The full study is published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research