Scan waiting times drop

In collaboration with the Press Association

Waiting times for the results of NHS scan results have fallen significantly and in some cases by up to 33 per cent, a Healthcare Commission report has found.

The study looked at the time taken to return results from X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans and ultrasound scans at all the UK's 196 specialist imaging departments.

The improvements were due to improved equipment and productivity and have been achieved despite rising demand, the commission found.

Despite the improvements, many doctors and nurses said that it still took too long for the images and results to filter back to the relevant staff member.

The report has recommended that formal procedures covering how results are handled and who they are delivered to should be adopted across the NHS.

"The results of this review have been reported back to individual trusts so where there is a problem, they can address it," said head of the commission Anna Walker.

"We will also be asking the relevant strategic health authorities to follow up this issue."