Scotland upgrades breast screening programme

In collaboration with the Press Association

The Scottish Executive has announced that it is to upgrade its breast screening programme to use 'two-view' mammography.

The more accurate method of scanning is expected to help doctors detect 25 per cent more cancers and avoid the distress that can be caused by false alarms.

"We are delighted that the executive has decided to adopt the ?two-view? mammography method of screening for all appointments," said Dr Stephen Duffy, Professor of cancer screening at Cancer Research UK.

"Our research found that as well as being more effective at detecting breast cancer, the 'two-view' mammography method is more cost effective.

"It also leads to a reduction in false positives ? meaning that fewer women will be told the disease is present when it is not. "Fortunately more women than ever are surviving breast cancer, thanks to early detection of the disease through the national screening programme."

Professor Duffy added that women over 50, who are at a higher risk of breast cancer, should always attend screening when invited and tell their doctor about any family history of the disease.

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