Computer-worker cancer link not conclusive says Cancer Research UK

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Cancer Research UK has reassured computer factory workers after a report found they have higher rates of cancer death than other workers.

The study of 30,000 computer-factory employees found higher mortality rates of brain, kidney and breast cancer and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma deaths among workers.

But the study was unable to link the rates to any specific cause however, and Josephine Querido of Cancer Research UK noted that it didn't consider other cancer risk-factors.

"This large study analysed the cause of death of computer factory workers and observed an increase in cancer deaths compared with the general population," said Ms Querido.

"Certain cancer-causing chemicals are used in the manufacturing industry but this study was unable to pinpoint a link with a specific chemical.

"The study does not take into account other things, such as whether or not the workers were smokers, and the data available to the researchers were incomplete.

"More detailed research is needed to establish the cause of these observations."

The study was conducted by the Boston University School of Public Health and published in the journal Environmental Health.

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