Smoking ban will save lives but also increase profits

In collaboration with the Press Association

The smoking ban in England, which will save thousands of lives, is expected to increase pub profits, says a new poll.

A survey for industry publication the Morning Advertiser found that many English pubs are already reaping benefits from launching smoking bans ahead of new laws and almost a quarter expect profits to increase after the ban.

A fifth of all pubs most reliant on food sales have already banned smoking on their premises.

A recent Cancer Research UK study found that an overwhelming majority of bar staff in Scotland, which launched a smoking ban earlier this year, say that their workplaces are now healthier.

"A third of licensees who smoke believe that banning smoking in their pub will help them stop, which is great news from a health perspective," said a Morning Advertiser spokesperson.

"Our survey shows that pubs that have already banned smoking are reaping the benefits and are more positive about the future with 23 per cent expecting business to increase after the ban."

Smoking is the world's leading cause of avoidable death, with more than 106,000 smoking related casualties in the UK every year, costing the NHS around £1.7 billion. The smokefree legislation will come into force next summer.

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