Mineral water claims lack scientific basis says Cancer Research UK

In collaboration with the Press Association

Cancer Research UK has said that there is no recognised scientific evidence to back claims made by a mineral water manufacturer that its product may fight cancer.

Deeside Mineral Water said that research which it commissioned had shown that cancer cells died more quickly when placed in its mineral water than in normal water.

"This data is recognised as preliminary and will require repeat analysis in other laboratory settings," said managing director of Deeside Water Martin Simpson.

The water is drawn from wells that have been attributed with health-giving properties since the 18th century, when a woman claimed that it had cured her tuberculosis.

"Although intriguing, this claim is not based on any published scientific research," said Dr Julie Sharp, science information officer at Cancer Research UK.

"Cancer is incredibly complex and there is no evidence that water is beneficial in combating this disease.

"We do know that bowel cancer risk can be reduced by eating a healthy diet, including plenty of fibre and low amounts of red and processed meats.

"Early detection is also vital as most cases can be treated successfully if caught early."

The Deeside Mineral Water study was conducted by the University of Maribor in Slovenia and has not yet been published.