Cancer Research UK scientist wins international research award

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Cancer Research UK scientist Dr Frank Uhlmann has been awarded the 2006 Gold Medal by EMBO, the European Molecular Biology Organization.

The annual award, widely regarded as the most prestigious of its kind in Europe, recognises outstanding achievements by young European researchers in the field of molecular life sciences.

Dr Uhlmann was nominated for his work into the division of cells, describing for the first time the protein that triggers cell division and makes sure each cell's genetic code is accurately copied from one generation to the next.

The award recognises "a decade of extraordinary work that has revolutionised our understanding of the cell cycle and opened the door to new possibilities in cancer treatment," said EMBO executive director Frank Gannon.

Dr Uhlmann was born in Germany and completed his doctorate at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Centre in New York before taking up a research position in Vienna.

He has worked at Cancer Research UK's London Research Institute since 2000, where he is head of the Chromosome Segregation Laboratory.

"I am absolutely delighted by this award," said Dr Uhlmann. "So many researchers work hard to contribute to our molecular knowledge of cells and organisms.

"It has been fantastic to find myself doing research in this exciting environment. I very much enjoy participating in European science at many levels, so to get this recognition from EMBO makes me particularly happy."

The EMBO Gold Medal will be presented alongside an award of £10,000 at a ceremony at the EMBO Members Meeting in Sheffield on October 15th.

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