Scots smoking ban achieves almost 100% compliance

In collaboration with the Press Association

A Scottish ban on smoking in public places has been hailed as a success after the first survey of its effects revealed a more than 99 per cent rate of compliance.

Of the 15,540 pubs, hotels, bars and restaurants inspected by councils, 99.4 per cent were complying with the ban.

Since the bill came into force in March, just three fixed penalty notices have been issued to premises that have broken it.

"A smoke-free Scotland is looking forward to a healthier future," said Scottish health minister Andy Kerr.

"A future where Scots live longer, families stay together longer and our young people are fitter and better prepared to make the most of their ambitions.

"It is a future that we can all look forward to and Scotland should be proud that it's leading the way in the UK." Almost three quarters of people interviewed said that they believed that the ban was successful.

The results follow a Cancer Research UK study which revealed that 24 per cent of people said that they were more likely to go out to smoke-free bars and restaurants.

A further 45 per cent said that they would be going out the same amount as before the ban and just ten per cent said that they would be going out less.

A similar ban is to be introduced in the UK next year and Wales is considering opting-in to the legislation.