Union warns outdoor workers on sun exposure dangers

In collaboration with the Press Association

Britain's general union - the GMB - has warned the millions of outdoor workers in the UK to cover up against the dangers of skin cancer as the summer approaches.

Around 1,500 people die from skin cancer every year in the UK. Research suggests that this could be cut by up to 90 per cent by changes in the way people behave in the sun.

The GMB said that employers have a duty to plan work schedules to avoid exposing workers at the hottest points of the day and to provide proper clothing and sun screen.

"Recently we have started to see the first real sunny weather of the year," said John McClean of the GMB.

"Now is the time employers should start thinking of protecting the skin of their workers from the sun and the potential of developing skin cancer.

"A simple risk assessment, involving the workforce, will soon identify straightforward measures that can be introduced to reduce the risk of exposure."

Cancer Research UK's SunSmart campaign can provide easy to follow advice on minimising the risks of skin cancer.

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