FSA recalls snacks over "very small" cancer risk

In collaboration with the Press Association

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has said that the risks to human health from some brands of chocolate and snacks withdrawn from shops today are "very small".

Quaker Caribbean Chicken Seasons, Sainsbury's Chocolate, Toffee Crispie Bites and Smiths Bacon Fries have been withdrawn from sale because they were found to contain low levels of a substance found in mould, called aflatoxin B1.

Aflatoxin has been linked to cancer in animals. The withdrawn products are all marked with specific sell-by dates.

"The risk from occasionally eating small amounts of aflatoxins is likely to be very small," said an FSA spokesman.

"However, aflatoxins have been shown to cause cancer in animals and there is also some evidence to suggest they may be harmful to people.

"Therefore, we want to keep people's exposure as low as possible."

The contamination was discovered during routine testing by manufacturer Smith Flour, which notified the FSA and issued a recall. The affected batches are shown below.

Quaker Caribbean Chicken Seasons ? sold in single 28g packs and multipacks of four 25g packs - with best before date: 02-09-06 (batch no. GBB 602 131)

Sainsbury's 18 Chocolate & Toffee Crispie Bites ? 216g pack with best before dates: 18-08-06 and 27-08-06

Smiths Bacon Fries ? sold on display cards with 24 packs (25g per pack) with best before dates:

09-09-06 (batch no. GBP4XX 111 or 112) 16-09-06 (batch no. GBP4XX 113 to 119 inclusive) 23-09-06 (batch no. GBP4XX 120 to 124 inclusive)

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