Cancer Research UK backs tanning salon legislation

In collaboration with the Press Association

Cancer Research UK has backed an MP's call for legislation against unsupervised "walk in" tanning salons to ensure that children do not use them.

MP Sian James introduced the motion, so far supported by 105 MPs, that would require tanning salons to supervise users at all times.

"Cancer Research UK is particularly concerned about the reports that children are using sunbeds," said Genevieve Frisby, manager of the charity's SunSmart campaign.

"Under 16s should never use them. We also recommend that anyone with fair skin, lots of moles or freckles or a family history of skin cancer should avoid sunbeds.

"We believe that UV artificial tanning should be restricted to over-16s and that the practice of using unmanned coin-operated sunbeds should be discontinued as soon as possible.

"We support the mandatory introduction of notices in salons describing those most at risk from skin cancer and advising them against sunbed use," she added.

Ms James said that the low cost of the devices ? which can be as little as 25p a minute - meant that they were easily affordable by many under-16s.

The Sunbed Association has backed the bill, but says that it has no legislative powers to force operators to employ supervisors.

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