New drug "promising" says Cancer Research UK

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Cancer Research UK has described clinical trials of a new breast cancer treatment as "promising" after they were judged successful enough to end earlier than planned.

Regulators ruled that the results were convincing enough to end the trial early after the drug, in combination with chemotherapy, was shown to slow down the growth of breast cancer by half.

All of the 321 women who took part in the trial had advanced breast cancer which had failed to respond to Herceptin.

"This news appears to be very promising for women with HER 2+ breast cancer that has returned despite treatment with Herceptin," said professor John Toy, medical director of Cancer Research UK.

"Although these are very early results and it will be important to see the precise details of the trial data, it is important to note that the Independent Data Monitoring Committee stopped the trial early and all the women on the trial are to be offered the new drug."

An application to market the drug in Europe and America will be filed later this year. It is also currently being tested on other forms of cancer.

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