Cigarette advert model reveals cancer

In collaboration with the Press Association

A UK model and actor who fronted a cigarette advertising campaign in the 1960s is to use his smoking-related cancer to become an anti-tobacco ambassador.

John Moore, 67, was the face of Alpine cigarette advertising forty years ago. Before Christmas last year he was diagnosed with throat cancer.

He has sworn to turn his experiences to good use however, and has become an ambassador for anti-tobacco campaigners, visiting schools and youth groups.

"I didn't know it at the time, but I was actually advertising my own death," he told the Western Daily Press.

"Smoking has caused all of this," he added. "Looking at me now, would you believe I did a commercial for Alpine cigarettes which I shot in London for the American market?"

Mr Moore has had his voice box and windpipe removed and now breathes and eats through a small hole in his neck.

He has lost all sense of taste and smell, can only speak through a voice synthesiser, and is currently receiving chemotherapy.

Mr Moore began smoking in his late teens and has smoked between ten and 15 roll-up cigarettes daily since.

Cancer Research UK has also launched a new campaign in Scotland to highlight the dangers of tobacco as the country prepares for national smokefree legislation.

Recent research for the charity has found overwhelming support for the ban, with 84 per cent of 18-24-year-olds saying that they are in favour.

The campaign will be advertised with posters showing a stubbed out cigarette in the shape of Scotland with the message Smoke Free and Proud beneath.

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