Most women satisfied with preventative mastectomy says research

In collaboration with the Press Association

Women who choose to have their remaining breast removed as a precaution, after the removal of the other due to breast cancer, are generally satisfied with their decision, claims new research.

Nearly nine in ten women of the 519 interviewed who had the procedure, known as a 'preventative mastectomy', reported that they were "satisfied" with their decision.

The procedure was also effective in reducing anxiety about breast cancer, with half of women undergoing the procedure reporting they were no longer concerned about breast cancer.

"A large majority of women were satisfied with their decisions to have the preventive mastectomy in addition to their primary breast cancer treatment," said author Dr Ann Geiger of the US Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

"And women who had the preventive mastectomy were equally content with their quality of life as women who didn't.

"Nevertheless, it is important to remember that preventive mastectomy is a major surgical procedure likely appropriate for a very small percentage of women with breast cancer.

"We encourage women with breast cancer to carefully consider their treatment options in consultation with their physicians, family and friends," she added.

Breast cancer is the most common cause of cancer among women in the UK, with 41,000 new cases diagnosed every year.

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