Record numbers ready to quit for No Smoking Day

In collaboration with the Press Association

A record five million smokers say that they will use this week's No Smoking Day to kick the habit for good says charity No Smoking Day (NSD).

Research carried out by NSD before No Smoking Day found that more than four in ten smokers interviewed were getting prepared to quit the habit.

Smoking polls consistently show that around seven in ten smokers say that they would like to stop but have been unable to.

"It's great that so many smokers out there are determined to stop," said Ben Youdan, NSD chief executive.

"There's a lot of help and support for anyone who needs it. Free local NHS stop smoking services can increase the chance of success by up to four times."

NSD has said that smokers intending to take the first step can take some basic steps such as phoning a helpline or getting aids such as nicotine patches or gum.

It recommends spring cleaning, disposing of all ash trays, lighters and cigarettes and removing the smell of smoke from houses.

Ex-smokers can find support among other people going through the same thing in online chat forums.

NSD calculates that every ex-smoker will save an average 30 pounds every week - spending the money on something that you want can be a great incentive!

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