New cigarette factories banned in China

In collaboration with the Press Association

The Chinese government has taken the decision to ban the development of new cigarette factories in China, whether they are for domestic companies or as part of an international venture.

The government also intends to control the current production of tobacco including taxes on tobacco leaf.

The announcement was made by Sha Zukang, China's ambassador, at a meeting in Geneva to implement the World Health Organisation's (WHO) Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.

It is a significant step within the tobacco industry, as China not only makes the most amount of cigarettes but smokes the most too.

According to the Times, 320 million smokers consume 15.8 cigarettes a day on average, with the cost of some cigarette packets being just 5p.

Estimates from WHO say 1.2 million Chinese people are killed each year by smoking.

It believes that if the convention succeeds with measures to restrict the advertising and promotion of cigarettes, 200 million lives could be saved by 2050.