Campaigners want education on skin cancer

In collaboration with the Press Association

A campaign group in Scotland has called upon the Scottish Parliament's Public Petitions Committee to take action on raising awareness of skin cancer.

The Scotsman reports that campaigners from Skin Care Campaign Scotland, which represents patients, their families and health professionals, want MSPs to undertake an education drive to cut down cases of the disease.

In the region of 11,000 people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year, yet up to 80 per cent of cases could be prevented if people knew more about the disease and how to fight it.

The campaign group also stated that while 6 per Scottish person/patient was spent to treat skin cancer, just one pence of this went towards education about the disease.

As a result, not only did the group call for a health campaign but also more information on how skin cancer could be identified at an earlier stage.

The campaigners also want to see rules implemented that will regulate the use of sunbeds.