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National and international developments in cancer, health and policy. Produced in collaboration with the Press Association unless otherwise stated.

Cancer Research UK superstore opens in Bristol 

The superstore will help the charity continue to fund life-saving cancer research.

Cytosponge-AI combo could help doctors diagnose Barrett’s oesophagus

Cancer Research UK-funded researchers have developed a tool to help experts diagnose a condition that can increase the risk of developing oesophageal cancer.

Liver cancer rates in the UK are highest amongst men in Scotland

A new study has has revealed the variation in the number of people being diagnosed with liver cancer across the UK.

Mutations in overlooked DNA could have profound impact on bowel cancer survival

DNA errors in the cell’s energy ‘factories’ increases the chances of survival for people with bowel cancer, according to a new study.

New link between high testosterone in men and increased risk of melanoma

Researchers have uncovered a new link between higher levels of testosterone in the blood and increased risk of melanoma skin cancer in men.