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Blocking the escape routes: how an HIV drug exposes skin cancer’s weaknesses

A new study from our scientists has found that treating melanoma cells with an HIV drug could make them more sensitive to a 'targeted' cancer drug.

HIV drug could stop skin cancer becoming drug-resistant

An HIV drug could stop one of the early changes in skin cancer cells that leads to them becoming resistant to treatment.

Blood test may give early warning of skin cancer relapse

A blood test may be able to sound early warning bells that patients with advanced melanoma skin cancer are relapsing.

The biggest cancer science stories of 2015

We've enlisted the help of one of our researchers to pick out the biggest cancer research stories of 2015.

NCRI cancer conference day 2: big data, immunotherapy and prizes

Monday morning’s papers had lots of coverage of research presented at yesterday’s conference: data on the unacceptably high death rates of patients diagnosed as an...

Antioxidants, free radicals and melanoma spread – what’s going on?

In recent years, a multi-billion pound global industry has sprung up selling antioxidant supplements.

Various pills and potions are heavily promoted as being ‘good...

Expert Opinion – Professor Peter Johnson on cancer immunotherapy

After decades in the shadows, treatments that encourage a patient’s own immune system to target their cancer – known as immunotherapy – have emerged as one of the...

A legacy of ground-breaking research

When you think of donating to charity, the most familiar image is probably a pound coin dropping into a collection bucket. But not many people know that Cancer Research UK...

NICE approves new immunotherapy drug for advanced melanoma

A new immunotherapy drug has been approved for NHS patients in England whose melanoma has stopped responding to previous treatments.

Could aspirin boost cancer immunotherapy?

Our immune system is incredibly effective at getting rid of bacterial and viral infections that can harm us. But cancer, which starts from our own cells growing out of...