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Lung Cancer

Lung cancer screening part 2: research into detection technology could lead to better tests

Blood tests, breath studies and better CT scans could all help detect lung cancers earlier. We investigate the latest research that could inform lung screening.

Lung cancer screening part 1: the benefits and harms according to clinical trials

Researchers are trying to diagnose lung cancer early through screening, and studying if the benefits of early detection outweigh the harms.

Cancer Research UK, the Francis Crick Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb join forces to map out lung cancer immunology

This collaboration will help develop a ‘rule book’ to guide precision combination immunotherapies and to speed up the development of new lung cancer treatments.

Science Snaps: spotting lung cancers’ ‘crime hotspots’

Scientists are turning to crime-mapping tech as a new way to look at cancer.

Immunotherapy drug made available for some NHS patients with lung cancer

Some patients with lung cancer will be able to receive an immunotherapy drug with standard chemotherapy on the NHS in England.

Mirati Therapeutics joins Cancer Research UK’s Stratified Medicine Programme

Mirati Therapeutics, Inc. is the latest partner of Cancer Research UK’s Stratified Medicine Programme.

Science Surgery: ‘Why do never-smokers get lung cancer?’

We don't always know why never-smokers develop lung cancer, but the data suggests that genetics play a role, as well as environmental or occupational exposures.

Screening scans 'could cut lung cancer deaths’

Introducing lung screening for people at high risk of lung cancer could reduce deaths from the disease, according to new unpublished research.

Scientists discover first step towards finding a new, targeted lung cancer treatment

Scientists have identified a key molecular player in a subtype of lung cancer, which could lead to a new way to tackle the disease.

Cancer Research UK tests first of its kind vaccine to treat lung cancer

A first of its kind treatment vaccine has moved into a phase I clinical trial for patients with non-small cell lung cancer.