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Liver Cancer

Drug could protect children from hearing loss after chemo

New trials results show that a drug can reduce hearing loss in children treated with the chemo drug cisplatin. We talk to the lead researcher, Dr Penelope Brock.

Cancer blood tests and learning from HIV – our latest Pioneer Awards

Drawing similarities between how the immune system reacts to lung cancer and HIV could uncover potential new drug targets.

3 in 4 Cancer Drugs Fund treatments now available on NHS

Three quarters of the drugs previously only accessible to patients via the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) are now approved on the NHS.

World Cancer Day 2017: liver cancer, a global challenge thanks to viruses and alcohol

In part 3 of our World Cancer Day series, we take a look at how liver cancer affects different regions across the world.

Jet lag and liver cancer – what’s the story?

Headlines suggested that jet lag could raise the risk of liver cancer. We spoke to an expert to find out the story.

Modified virus could turn immune system on liver cancer

A modified virus could be used to launch an immune attack on liver cancer cells, a new study has revealed.

Why cancer is (still) more than just ‘bad luck’

New research has uncovered a possible explanation for why some cancers are more common than others, we explore the details.

9 in 10 don't link alcohol and cancer

Almost 90 per cent of people in England don’t associate drinking alcohol with an increased risk of cancer

Radioactive particles combined with chemotherapy slow advanced bowel cancer growth in the liver

Combining radioactive particles with chemotherapy slowed growth of liver tumours for almost eight months longer than chemotherapy alone.

Cancer rate rise linked to lifestyle choices

There has been a rise in rates of lifestyle-linked cancers in England, according to new figures by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).