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Kidney Cancer

'Mutant' gene offers new clue to kidney cancer

An important discovery about how a faulty gene leads to kidney cancer could pave the way for new treatments to block kidney cancer growth, a study published today (Monday...

Postponing surgery reduces long term side effects for children with kidney cancer

Children given chemotherapy before surgery to treat the most common form of childhood kidney cancer, called Wilms' tumour, require less treatment and experience fewer long...

Pre-surgery chemo boosts Wilms' tumour treatment says study

Children being treated for the most common form of childhood kidney cancer, known as Wilms' tumour, show better treatment results if given chemotherapy before surgery,...

Obesity linked to rise in kidney cancer

Kidney cancer is the fastest growing form of the disease in women, according to new statistics revealed by Cancer Research UK.

Cancer Research UK drug enters final trials

A cancer drug developed from discoveries made by Cancer Research UK scientists is entering the final stages of clinical trials for renal cell carcinoma, an aggressive form...

Cancer Research UK expresses 'deep concern' on kidney cancer drug decision

Cancer Research UK is very disappointed with NICE's decision to reject four kidney cancer drugs.

Cancer Research UK cautious over fatty fish cancer protection link

Preliminary research has suggested that women who eat fatty fish, such as salmon or mackerel, a few times a month might have a lower risk of a type of kidney cancer.

Latest stats reveal worrying increase in kidney cancer

The incidence of kidney cancer has risen by a startling 68 per cent over the last 20 years according to new figures from Britain's leading charity, Cancer Research UK.

NICE expected to lift ban on kidney cancer drugs

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) is believed to be considering reversing its decision not to recommend four kidney cancer drugs for use on...

5m grant to advance personalised treatments for kidney cancer

An international consortium led by scientists from the Cancer Research UK London Research Institute, The Royal Marsden Hospital and the Technical University of Denmark has...