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Kidney Cancer

3 of the toughest questions in cancer and more than £70 million to solve them

We're announcing the first winners of our most ambitious science funding awarding ever: The Grand Challenge

Meet our new research fellows 2016

Find out how our new up and coming researchers plan to tackle some of the big scientific questions in cancer.

Advances in Wilms’ tumour treatment – how less became more

Find out how our researchers have helped lead to nine in 10 children surviving Wilms' tumour, a type of children's kidney cancer.

From snapshot to family tree – writing the evolutionary rule book of cancer

For hundreds of years the Scottish Highlands have resounded to the names of their famous clans: MacDonald, Campbell, Fraser, and many more. Each clan is a complex,...

'Blood in pee' campaign set to tackle bladder and kidney cancers

Today sees the launch of an NHS awareness campaign, backed by Premier League football clubs, to tackle bladder and kidney cancers.

A year of research – and 13 milestones you helped fund

To coincide with the publication of our Annual Review, here are some of the key research milestones that our amazing supporters have helped fund.

But first, watch...

Expert opinion: Professor Charlie Swanton – plotting a route through cancer evolution

Nearly two years ago a team of our scientists began a crucial journey to reveal new insights into cancer genetics.

Along the way they helped to re-define how we...

Kidney cancer rates up by 30 per cent in last decade

Kidney cancer rates have soared by 30 per cent since the early 2000s according to the latest figures published* by Cancer Research UK. 

"Nothing could quite prepare...

Chopping kidney cancers down at their trunk could lead to new treatments

A new study has discovered the genetic faults at the core of kidney cancers which could be targeted with new treatments published in Nature Genetics.

Cancer Research UK and AstraZeneca sign deal to repurpose asthma drug that could fight kidney cancer

Cancer Research UK and Cancer Research Technology have reached an agreement with AstraZeneca to take AZD2098, into a kidney cancer clinical trial.