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Stop smoking services may boost mental health of people with depression

Smokers with depression who successfully quit smoking using stop smoking services may see an improvement in their mental health, according to new research.

The public doesn’t know obesity causes cancer, and that’s really worrying

Our latest figures reveal that three in four people aren’t aware that obesity causes cancer.

Four key ways to improve cancer patient care in Wales

Yesterday we published our report looking in detail at the challenges Wales faces. Here’s what we found and our recommendations for how the government can make...

Cancer care in England and Scotland – what do patients really think?

We take a detailed look at the findings of the recent Cancer Patient Experience Surveys, which ran in England and Scotland.

The end of the road: trying to unpick the problems with end of life care

As part of a number of articles looking at end of life, and with renewed focus on the issue including through the recent Independent Taskforce report and updated NICE...

Guest post: Are older cancer patients missing out on surgery?

John Butler is a Consultant Gynaecologist at the Royal Marsden Hospital. Here, he gives us his thoughts on new data on surgery in the NHS

As a surgeon I see...

Older cancer patients missing out on surgery

Older people are less likely to have cancer surgery compared to younger people according to new data published today.

Closing inequality gap could mean earlier diagnosis for thousands of people

Each year 5,600 patients are diagnosed with cancer at a late stage because of social and health inequalities, according to a new UK study.

Poorer women less likely to survive breast cancer

Poorer women from deprived areas are less likely to survive breast cancer as they are diagnosed at a later stage which means the best available treatments won't be as...

Age gap brings cancer inequality

The UK could have over 100,000 extra new cases of cancer in 2024 because of its ageing population, according to projections from Cancer Research UK released at a...