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Immune System

Tetanus shot boosts response to experimental brain tumour treatment

An immune-boosting tetanus injection improved the effectiveness of an experimental brain tumour immunotherapy in a US study of 12 patients.

The Enemy Within – 50 years of fighting cancer

Cancer has always been with us, affecting our species for many thousands of years. For most of that time there was little we could do in the face of such a powerful...

Cancer Research UK calls on immunologists to join fight against cancer

Non-cancer immunologists can apply their ground-breaking research to cancer by submitting applications for the Cancer Immunology Project Awards

New immune targeting cancer drugs show continued promise

Drugs that allow the immune system to recognise cancer and attack it are continuing to produce "exciting" results, say experts in the field.

'Huge breakthrough' in understanding how the immune system recognises cancer

US researchers have revealed the identity of molecules on the surface of cancer cells which allow the body's immune system to identify and destroy them

Crowdfunding cancer research – our latest experiment and how you can help

Can you help a research team grow 3D lung tissue in a lab to help study cancer? Can we track how moving skin cancer cells give the immune system the slip? Or is there a...

Science Snaps: peering inside an expanding lymph node

This entry is part 8 of 8 in the series Science Snaps

If you’ve had a cold then you probably know where to find a lymph node. Those painful swellings lurking in your...

Research reveals how lymph nodes expand during disease

Scientists have discovered that specialised immune cells trigger the expansion of immune organs called lymph nodes

Biotherapeutics – a new funding scheme for research

We’ve come a long way from the early days of treating cancer in the 1950s and 60s. Back then, the main options for treatment were relatively unrefined radiotherapy and...

Producing new blood cells – why reading the recipe matters

If you want to be like Nancy and win the Great British Bake Off, or the #sciencecakes competition that ran earlier this week, you need a close eye for detail and an...