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Immune System

Engineered immune cell treatment for childhood leukaemia may be a step closer

An immunotherapy treatment using genetically engineered cells has been used to successfully treat two infants with an aggressive kind of leukaemia.

A lasting immune impression could boost blood cancer treatments

Our researchers may have found a new way to tap into the power of the immune system to fight cancer. Read about their work

Restoring leaky blood vessels could lead to new cancer treatment

A Belgian study has found making tumour blood vessels more normal might help deliver drugs to the tumour.

NCRI Cancer Conference 2016: Day 4 – liver cancer, obesity, immunotherapy poo predictions and more

Read our final roundup from this year's NCRI Cancer Conference, including how bacteria in the gut could help predict if immunotherapy will work.

Weight loss condition provides clue to why some immunotherapy treatments fail

A weight loss condition frequently seen in cancer patients could provide answers as to why certain immunotherapy treatments fail in some patients.

NCRI Cancer Conference 2016: Day 3 – prostate cancer, iKnife surgery, evolving tumours and more

Here are our highlights from day 3 of the NCRI Cancer Conference, including personalised treatment for prostate cancer, and new surgery tech.

Immune cells may become ‘exhausted’ during immunotherapy

Specialised immune cells can become ‘exhausted’ following immunotherapy to treat cancer, limiting the treatment’s effectiveness in some people.

Zebrafish reveal brain tumours’ secret ally

Our scientists have made it possible to see the unexpected relationship between immune cells and brain tumour cells.

Science Snaps: leukaemia cells are born to run

For this edition of Science Snaps we peer inside some bones, investigating how leukaemia cells get around and dodge treatment.

How a little known organ could protect people who’ve had stem cell transplants

Our Stand Up To Cancer-funded researchers in Birmingham are turning their immune cell knowledge into ways to tackle infection after treatment.