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Hpv Vaccine

HPV vaccine is safe and reduces cell changes that can become cancer

A vaccine to prevent cervical cancer is safe and effective in reducing cell changes, a new review has confirmed.

Vaccine may reduce HPV infections that cause some oral cancers

Study finds that young adults in the US who hadn’t been vaccinated were around 14 times more likely to have oral HPV infections than those who were vaccinated.

Healthcare staff think gay and bisexual men should be given HPV jab

Around two-thirds of professionals who work in sexual health think the human papillomavirus (HPV) jab should be given to men who have sex with men

Around a fifth of unvaccinated ethnic school girls think they don’t need HPV jab

Around 20 per cent of girls from ethnic minority backgrounds are not being vaccinated against the HPV because they feel they don’t need to have it.

Single HPV vaccine dose could be as effective against infection as multiple doses

A single dose of Cervarix - a vaccine against two types of the human papillomavirus (HPV) - could be as effective in preventing infections as multiple doses.

Experimental HPV vaccine could boost cervical cancer protection worldwide

A ‘next generation’ vaccine that protects against nine types of HPV may prevent even more cervical cancers than the current immunisation programme.

Boys 'should receive HPV jab too', say researchers

Boys should be vaccinated against a virus as well as girls to protect them from some types of cancer.

Immune system ‘friendly fire’ triggers HPV-linked cancer

Genes that usually help the body fight off viral infections could actually be involved in the development of certain cancers.

Gay men seeking HPV vaccine

Increasing numbers of gay men are requesting a vaccine which protects against a sexually transmitted infection that can cause cervical, penile and anal cancers.

Cervical cancer vaccination programme to be extended

The national immunisation programme to provide protection against the virus responsible for 70 per cent of cervical cancers will be extended to protect an additional 300,...