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Head And Neck Cancers

Experimental drug trial seeks to improve treatment for head and neck cancer

A trial to test an experimental drug in patients with head and neck cancer launches in the UK through the Combinations Alliance.

Immunotherapy drug too costly for head and neck cancer

An immunotherapy drug is too expensive to be given to NHS patients with head and neck cancers in England, according to the NHS drugs watchdog.

New consent forms for cancer treatments published

Cancer patients are being given a new consent form to better explain the drugs they will be given before starting treatment.

Studies show continued promise for immunotherapy drugs

Several new immunotherapy drugs are continuing to show benefits across a range of cancer types, according to data presented at a US conference.

Opening a window of opportunity for head and neck cancer

We take a look at our latest immunotherapy clinical trial, testing a new drug for people with head and neck cancers.

Cancer Research UK launches trial for potential new drug that could help immune system fight cancer

Cancer Research UK has launched a new clinical trial to test a drug that could stop a patient’s immune system from protecting tumours.

From snapshot to family tree – writing the evolutionary rule book of cancer

For hundreds of years the Scottish Highlands have resounded to the names of their famous clans: MacDonald, Campbell, Fraser, and many more. Each clan is a complex,...

Researchers discover genetic fingerprint of HPV virus in some head and neck cancers

A large US study has pinpointed genetic errors that mark out head and neck cancers caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).

The HOPON clinical trial: a patient’s view

In the final post in our series about the HOPON clinical trial, we hear from a patient who recently took part in the research, Mr Gerard Dean.

Gerard takes us...

The HOPON clinical trial: the research nurses’ role

After hearing from Professor Richard Shaw about the beginnings of the HOPON trial and its goals, we now turn to three of the research nurses – Paul Banks, Sarah Dyas and...