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Review to speed up GP cancer referrals opens

An audit of GP services in the UK has been launched today to find out how quickly cancer patients are referred.

Lack of referrals for suspected cancer leads to more deaths

Deaths are higher in cancer patients whose GPs do not regularly send patients through the two-week urgent referral route for suspected cancer.

Cancer patients lose faith in healthcare system if referred late by GP

If it takes more than three trips to the GP to be referred for cancer tests, patients are more likely to be dissatisfied with their overall care.

Seeing the same doctor could affect time to cancer diagnosis

Whether or not patients see the same GP could affect how quickly bowel and lung cancers are diagnosed, according to a Cancer Research UK study.

Patients with mouth and oesophageal cancers take longer to seek help from GP

People with cancers of the mouth and oesophagus are waiting longer between first noticing a symptom and going to their GPs than other patients.

Cancer Research UK and The Royal Marsden collaborate to help GPs diagnose cancer earlier

GPs across England are set to benefit from a new partnership aimed at improving the early diagnosis of cancer.


Cancer patients diagnosed more quickly

The time taken to diagnose some of the more common cancers fell in adults by an average of five days in just under a decade.