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Early Detection

COVID-19 referral drop fears for lung cancer patients in Wales

Confusion over the symptoms of lung cancer and COVID-19 may be responsible for a drop in the number of people being referred for lung cancer tests in Wales.

An existing blood test for ovarian cancer has been re-evaluated. The results are in

Researchers have found an existing ovarian cancer blood test is far more predictive than originally thought and could potentially pick up other forms of cancer.

Creating a shared vision to detect cancer earlier

We're bringing researchers, policy-makers, pharmaceutical companies and the public together to find a way to make early diagnosis better.

Lung cancer risks becoming ‘forgotten disease’ of the coronavirus pandemic  

At least 14,000 fewer people have been urgently referred for lung cancer tests since March. 

A ‘sponge on a string’ test to detect oesophageal cancer earlier

Looking at the latest results from the BEST3 trial, analysing the ‘sponge-on-a-string' test to detect oesophageal cancer earlier.

New blood test study uses artificial intelligence to identify cancer. But it’s not ready for patients yet. 

Researchers have revealed a new blood test that uses artificial intelligence to identify cancer, but it’s not ready for patients yet. 

Genetic 'fingerprints' implicate gut bacterium in bowel cancer

Grand Challenge researchers have found that a common type of bacteria found in our guts could contribute to bowel cancer.

Blood tests: using blood to detect cancer early

The idea of taking a small vial of blood and being able to detect cancer at its earliest and most treatable stages is an attractive one.

Poo tests: looking for cancer clues in poo

Poo is an important source of clues when it comes to detecting bowel cancer early. We chat to some of our researchers who are using poo to understand more about what's...

Urine tests: detecting cancer in pee

A number of cancer types can be detected in pee. We speak to our scientists who are developing urine tests that aim to detect bladder and pancreatic cancer earlier.