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Drug Discovery And Development

'Skills Swap' to exploit expertise for patient benefit

Cancer Research Technology (CRT) and Medical Research Council Technology (MRCT) will 'swap' medical discoveries to accelerate the translation of early scientific research...

Cancer Research UK ploughs Ј21 million into new Drug Discovery Programmes

CANCER RESEARCH UK is set to extend its drug discovery effort by investing up to Ј16 million in two new Drug Discovery Programmes at the Paterson Institute for Cancer...

Senectus Therapeutics and AstraZeneca collaborate to identify triggers to cell ageing

Senectus Therapeutics has signed a deal to screen a selection of AstraZenecaїs chemical compound library to identify those which trigger a key element of cancer cell...

CRT and AstraZeneca form major alliance to create cancer metabolism drugs

Cancer Research UKїs commercialisation and development arm, Cancer Research Technology (CRT), today announced it has teamed up with biopharmaceutical business, AstraZeneca...

Temozolomide sales reach $1 billion

Sales of Temozolomide*, an anti-cancer drug developed by Cancer Research UK scientists, have reached $1 billion**.

'Treatment alliance' needed to save more children's lives from cancer

Experts are calling for an urgent change to approaches for treating and researching childhood cancers to continue to save more children.

Cancer Research Technology appoints new chairman to its board of directors

Cancer Research Technology - the commercial arm of Cancer Research UK - today announced the appointment of Peter Chambrй as its new chairman.

Researchers identify potential target for brain tumour drug

Researchers believe that a drug that targets the body's immune cells could provide a new treatment for malignant brain tumours.

Treatment reduces dangerous side effects of cancer treatment in children

Children given a hormone growth factor alongside chemotherapy for the aggressive cancer neuroblastoma are less likely to suffer a potentially deadly side-effect, according...

Daisies lead to new leukaemia drug

Scientists could be on their way to creating a new leukaemia therapy extracted from a daisy-like plant, a new report has indicated.