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Drug Discovery And Development

Scientists developing new class of drug for leukaemia

Scientists are developing a new drug for treating acute myeloid leukaemia (AML), a type of blood cancer that affects around 3,100 people in the UK each year. 

Cancer Research UK and AstraZeneca’s new antibody maturation technique yields high-affinity Arginase 2 antibody

Researchers in Cambridge have pioneered the development of an innovative affinity maturation technique to generate high-affinity antibody against Arginase 2.

First-in-human trial for new lung cancer immunotherapy

Cancer Research UK and VOLT, announce a new partnership to bring a novel immunotherapeutic vaccine strategy to patients with lung cancer

Blocking a survival mechanism could tackle melanoma treatment resistance

Researchers have demonstrated an approach which, used in parallel with existing treatments, wipes out the ‘survival system’ of cancer cells.

Trial to test new treatment combination for children and adults with leukaemia

A clinical trial testing a new treatment combination in patients with leukaemia launches through the Combinations Alliance today.

Cancer Research UK and the Institute of Cancer Research, London, join forces with Merck in new drug discovery alliance

Cancer Research UK and The Institute of Cancer Research, London announce a multi-project collaboration and licensing deal with Merck.

Cancer Research UK announces drug discovery collaboration with Celgene Corporation

Cancer Research UK announces the signing of a five-year drug-discovery collaboration between its subsidiary, Cancer Research Technology, and Celgene Corporation

Experimental drug trial seeks to improve treatment for head and neck cancer

A trial to test an experimental drug in patients with head and neck cancer launches in the UK through the Combinations Alliance.

Scientists exploit leaks in blood brain barrier to treat glioblastoma

An ovarian cancer drug can leak through the blood brain barrier to reach brain tumours and could be an effective treatment for glioblastoma.

Cancer Research UK launches trial to test new drug in patients with advanced cancer

A clinical trial to test a new cancer drug in patients with advanced solid tumours, launches in four centres across the UK today.