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How repurposing a drug in a COVID-19 trial could benefit people with cancer

We spoke with Professor Kev Dhaliwal, chief investigator of the SPIKE-1 trial, about how repurposing a drug in a COVID-19 trial could benefit people with cancer.

NFL UK LIVE, a Super Bowl Special in support of World Cancer Day

We highlight how some of our innovative partners, including NFL UK, embraced this year’s World Cancer Day campaign and found new ways to help people donate.

Almost half of people with possible cancer symptoms didn’t see GP in first wave of pandemic

Nearly half of people who had potential cancer symptoms in the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic did not contact their GP.

Antibiotic shows potential in helping treat aggressive blood cancer

New research shows a type of aggressive blood cancer could be made more sensitive to chemotherapy using an antibiotic currently available to treat diarrhoea.

Opinion: ‘We need to increase testing in primary care’

Professor Willie Hamilton specialises in primary care diagnostics at the University of Exeter, with a particular expertise in cancer.

Over 100,000 Scotland patients in test backlog

With the Scottish Parliament elections on the horizon, it's time to plan for recruiting more NHS staff to cope with demand, says Cancer Research UK.

Professor Greg Hannon: “Core funding is a privilege and we should use it to tackle big problems in new ways”

We speak with Professor Greg Hannon about how philanthropy has benefited his innovative work.

A tribute to Professor Gordon McVie

Almost 20 years since Cancer Research UK was founded, not many who worked with McVie remain, but staff know him as the man who gave the charity its beginning.

‘Thousands’ of lung cancer cases going undiagnosed in England

Health officials are urging people to get symptoms checked, after figures suggest that thousands of people in England could have undiagnosed lung cancer.

Men with early stage testicular cancer could avoid potentially harmful monitoring scans

Men who have had treatment for early stage testicular cancer could benefit from fewer monitoring scans, reducing their exposure to harmful radiation.