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Clinical Trials

Are patients being told about opportunities to take part in research?

We see if all patients had equal opportunity to take part in cancer research.

#RightNow diary: from drug discovery to busking for science

Garry, a radio producer, is travelling the country to meet patients, researchers and survivors to share what's happening in their lives right now.

Prostate cancer trial results should mean fewer hospital trips to have radiotherapy

The results of a clinical trial testing radiotherapy doses for treating prostate cancer should be good news for men.

ASCO 2016: will fine-tuning treatments require redefined tumours?

From immunotherapy to targeted cancer treatment, here's our round up of the big news from the annual ASCO conference.

Staying on oestrogen-blocking drugs for five extra years 'prevents more breast cancers returning'

Women with the most common type of breast cancer could benefit from staying on key drugs for a decade, research suggests.

New pre-surgery technique may make colostomy bags redundant for emergency bowel cancer patients

An expandable tube that unblocks the bowel before surgery could lead to fewer cancer patients – diagnosed as emergencies – needing a colostomy bag.

Twice a day radiotherapy halves treatment time and is equally good at treating small cell lung cancer

Having radiotherapy once a day for six and a half weeks or twice a day for three weeks – with chemotherapy – is equally good at treating small cell lung cancer.

Giving chemotherapy after radiotherapy improves survival for patients with rare brain tumour

Giving chemotherapy after radiotherapy delays further growth of a rare type of brain tumour, increasing the number of patients alive at five years.

International trial for children’s brain tumours launches in the UK

Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens launches the UK arm of a large international clinical trial* for a type of children’s brain tumour, called ependymoma.

Cancer clinical trials to be streamlined to bring new treatments to UK patients sooner

Set up and delivery of UK cancer multi-centre clinical trials will become more efficient and easier to get off the ground, thanks to a new agreement between UK