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Childrens Cancers

Scientists find genes that affect risk of common brain tumour

Scientists from the UK have helped to identify a number of genetic variants that appear to increase a person's risk of developing glioma.

Scientists find marker that signals better brain cancer survival for children

Scientists supported by Cancer Research UK and the Samantha Dickson Research Trust have uncovered a protein that signals a more favourable survival.

Gene discovery could lead to new treatments for childhood cancer

Cancer Research UK-funded scientists have identified two genes linked to Wilms' tumour - a type of childhood kidney cancer - according to research published in Clinical...

Discovery of protein link may lead to brain tumour treatment

US researchers have identified a link between two proteins found in brain tumours which could lead to treatment of an aggressive form of the disease.

Study improves understanding of childhood kidney cancer

A new study, part-funded by Cancer Research UK, has helped to pinpoint genetic changes in certain cells that may contribute to Wilms' tumour, the most common form of...

Newcastle scientists working to improve treatment of childhood brain cancers

A greater understanding of how children's brain cancers grow and spread could lead to more sophisticated treatments for the disease.

Charities launch groundbreaking research centre in Newcastle

The opening of a unique centre today (Wednesday) will put Newcastle at the forefront of cancer research and bring benefits to patients in the North East.

Childhood cancer may lead to long-term health issues says study

Childhood cancer survivors may face long-term health problems in later life, a new US study has suggested.

Eight gene mutations appear to cause childhood brain cancer

Canadian scientists have identified eight genes that appear to be involved in the development of the most common form of childhood brain cancer.

Early stage drug shows promise against cancer cells from young patients

A new drug has shown promising pre-clinical activity against cells from several types of children's cancers.