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Childrens Cancers

Antibody machinery linked to childhood leukaemia

The cell machinery that helps fight off infection could be a driving force behind the most common form of childhood leukaemia.

Prostate and childhood cancer progress

We discuss how the immune system may act as an early warning alarm, sleeping cells, progress in prostate cancer and children’s cancer trials.

Spotting cancer early, new ovarian cancer gene and a childhood cancer trial

This month - dye spots early signs of oesophageal cancer, prostate cancer drug rejected by NICE, faulty gene linked to better ovarian cancer survival, new drug trial to...

Breast screening, Click to Cure and childhood cancer

We discuss breast cancer screening, citizen science, and childhood cancer. Plus highlights from this year's NCRI Cancer Conference.

IVF conception not linked to increased childhood cancer risk

Children conceived using In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and similar techniques have no increased overall risk of cancer in childhood.

Redirecting our immune cells to help fight children's cancer

Immune cells, known as Natural Killer T cells, could be redirected to help fight the childhood cancer, neuroblastoma, according to research.

82 per cent of children now survive childhood cancer

More than eight in 10 children with cancer now survive, compared to just three in 10 in the late 1960s.

Britain rivals the US in childhood cancer survival

UKCCSG 25th Anniversary Conference Britain's survival rates for the most common forms of children's cancer now match those of the US - universally acknowledged as the gold...

Cancer Research UK launches nine high-tech gene projects

Unravelling the genetic secrets behind a range of cancers is the aim of a new initiative from Cancer Research UK.

Virus discovery may aid treatment of children's brain tumour

A large proportion of medulloblastomas are infected with a virus, according to work published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.