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Childrens Cancers

Study offers childhood brain tumour treatment hope

Results from a new study suggests that the most common type of brain tumour seen in children may be driven by a specific set of gene faults.

Hope for children with cancer - leading scientist speaks out at national conference

Targeting a gene known as 'the guardian of the genome' may bring a new generation of treatments for children's cancers, a leading Cancer Research UK scientist claims.

Hope for pioneering immunotherapy treatment for childhood cancer

CANCER RESEARCH UK scientists at the University of Southampton have developed a potential new antibody treatment which, in the laboratory, shows significantly increased...

Young leukaemia survivors may need monitoring of lung health

Children who had cancer may need to have regular monitoring to ensure their lungs remain healthy if they had a bone marrow transplantation.

Studies shine light on genetics of childhood brain tumours

New studies have found genes linked to two types of aggressive childhood brain tumour, and could aid the development of effective treatments.

Suspected environmental link to children's cancers

Substances present in the environment may trigger certain rare kinds of childhood cancer, according to a new study1 by Cancer Research UK scientists in Manchester.

New childhood brain cancer genes identified

Scientists have isolated three important genes involved in the development of a type of childhood brain cancer - reveals a study published in the BJC.

Significant step forward in childhood eye cancer

Researchers at a children's hospital in Washington have identified the genetic mechanism behind the rapid development of retinoblastoma, a rare type of childhood eye...

Repeated childhood CT scans increase risk of cancer in adulthood

Repeated CT scans during childhood can increase the risk of developing brain tumours or leukaemia in later life.

Organ retention issue deals blow to children's cancer research

Cancer Research UK launches an awareness drive to highlight the need for stored tumour tissue and boost confidence in research practice, as part of Children's Cancer...